Truffle Time

  • By Katy Truss
  • 11 Apr, 2011
Truffles by post – what an idea! I always get excited when I get a package through the post, and I was particularly looking forward to the arrival of this one. I opened it up to find a carefully packaged black winter truffle from Mister Truffle… so exciting! The pressure was then on to figure […]
Truffles by post – what an idea!
I always get excited when I get a package through the post, and I was particularly looking forward to the arrival of this one.
I opened it up to find a carefully packaged black winter truffle from Mister Truffle … so exciting! The pressure was then on to figure out what to do with it.
I cook dinner most nights for my boyfriend and I, and unfortunately one of the only things he doesn’t like is truffles. So, rather than cook two meals, or wait for a dinner party occasion, I decided that I would try to extend the life of my precious truffle and use it to add a touch of truffley goodness to my own meals as and when I liked. The smell as I opened the packaging was truly delightful.
Ever since seeing Jamie Oliver make butter on his 30 minute meals series I have been desperate to have a go at making my own. So I took the opportunity to make it that little more luxurious and added some truffle too! I gently warmed the cream, added a few slices of truffle and let it infuse for a few hours. Then all I did was poured it into the Magimix and whizzed it up until liquid appeared, leaving a lovely big lump of truffle butter. I added some Maldon sea salt flakes and wrapped it up into a log. It was delicious melted into a mushroom risotto.
I know it is naughty, but I love salt, especially Maldon sea salt (I was born in Maldon, so maybe that explains it!?). I thought salt would preserve the truffle well and that the salt would be likely to take on the truffle flavour.
The jar looks very pretty on my shelf, but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to try the salt yet. I know I wont be able to resist for long though!
I also added some to a little jar of honey I had at the back of the cupboard, and the rest I am preserving in a jar of olive oil. I was sad to find out from an apparent truffle expert that these products are unlikely to take on the truffle flavour and that it is likely to all go moldy pretty soon… I just had a little taste of the honey and it had a very delicate truffle flavour to it and no sign of mold. I still have hope!
Let me know if you have an idea on how my truffle products will fare, tips on how I could have done this better or any other ideas for flavouring things with truffles. Oh, and if you fancy getting your own truffle delivered by post go to where the lovely Hugo is busy making the truffle a more accessible ingredient for us all! Thank you!

Fabulous Food Finds Blog

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