Time to confess…

Here at Fabulous Food Finds HQ there hasn’t been a lot of fine food consumed lately… in fact I have to confess that we’ve been eating a LOT of convenience food. And not good convenience food. Think bad frozen pizza, bowls of cereal, dirty takeaways from our average local Chinese, kebab and curry house, chips, toast… I think you get the idea.

Two babies in just over 12 months has taken its toll on our time, energy and options to eat good food – if they don’t sell it in my local Tesco then we haven’t been eating it! Lack of sleep sucks is a massive killer of motivation and inspiration.

BUT – my babies are super cute and lovely… so it’s not all bad.

Alfie and Lottie
Alfie and Lottie

So now I’ve come clean and things are getting easier with the babies it’s time to return to my beloved world of food. We had our first meal out without the babies recently at the fantastic Gunton Arms (I can’t recommend it enough) – lobster, stuffed bone marrow, cocktails, dessert wine, a vat of extra garlic butter – you get the idea.

The Gunton Arms Feast
The Gunton Arms Feast

I’ve been working on the Producers Bursary Awards for the BBC Good Food Shows with the judging taking place at BBC Good Food Magazine test kitchens last week.  Over 50 food and drink products were sampled during the session and some real gems uncovered that I’ll share with you soon.

Producers Bursary Awards - Judging
Producers Bursary Awards – Judging

My taste buds are ready and raring to discover some new fabulous food finds – I can’t wait to return to the delicious world that I knew and loved! If you’re a producer of fabulous food and drink or want to recommend someone please do get in touch and help me get back in the loop!

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