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I’ve discovered some exciting new food producers and delicious products; From Cambodia to Hastings, I’ve had an international mix of products coming to my door here in Norfolk lately. Most of these products I am reviewing to approve for the BBC Good Food Champions areas at the BBC Good Food Shows, which is a subsidised area for fabulous small producers like these.

Hastings Lemon Ketchup – I’ve seen this product a few times and have been keen to try it, so was delighted when one of the owners got in touch. I think the seaside themed branding is fantastic and just love the unusual tart citrus burst of flavour you get from the sauce. Perfect to go with your fish and chips but also apparently great with meat and vegetables too. I can’t wait to get experimenting with it!

Hastings Lemon Ketchup
Hastings Lemon Ketchup

Cocoa Kalula – These chocolates are so bright and colourful! Very exciting to open the box to find such a stunning range of colours, shapes and designs. I didn’t have a menu so it was a bit pot luck as to which chocolate I was tasting. The chocolate quality is high and I was pleased to see a mix of dark, milk and white chocolate in the pack. The fillings ranged from tart and fruity hibiscus, key lime and mango to creamy praline, smooth Himalayan pink sea salted and rum caramels, a potent peppermint and many other fantastic flavours.

Cocoa Kalula
Cocoa Kalula Chocolates

Kampot Pepper Direct – until speaking to Peter at Kampot Pepper Direct I hadn’t realised how pepper can really enhance food. He urged me to try a piece of cheddar on its own, and then with his white pepper on top. The stats say the taste of cheese will last 25 seconds on its own, but 90 seconds with the pepper, and the flavour profile will be enhanced 5 times! I tried it on an average Tesco Finest mushroom soup and it really did make it so much better! I have the white, red and black pepper to play with and so far have been amazed at the quality and flavour. In their own words, Kampot pepper is “hotter, more aromatic, richer, muskier, more floral, more complex and simply more peppery than any other pepper”. They will be at the BBC Good Food Shows in Scotland, Harrogate and the Summer and Winter Shows at the NEC, so be sure to see them there!

Kampot Pepper
Kampot Pepper Direct

Holy Lama Spice Drops – these little bottles are packed with incredible drops of flavour. Easier to use than traditional spices and easy to keep and store they are a cook or bakers best friend. Made at the lovely Gouri’s family factory in Kerala, there is an amazing range of natural flavours. Excitingly, they have just been stocked in a limited number of Sainsbury’s in the World Food aisle so find them there, online, or at the BBC Good Food Show Winter at the NEC.

Holy Lama
Holy Lama Spice Drops

Let me know if you’ve found any fabulous food producers or products lately, I’d love to find out about them!

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