Golden Coffee Birthday Cake

It’s easy making cakes for girls (or I should probably say women) – you can decorate them with pretty pink things and flowers… but a cake for a man takes some thinking. I got it slightly wrong in April by using typical boy colours to ice a cake – it turned out snot green with rather unattractive, and unappetising, black icing.

So for my brother-in-law John I decided on his favourite coffee cake, and to jazz it up I sprayed it with edible gold lustre. I must say I think it turned out very well. Despite my boyfriend telling me I’d regret cutting the cake into four layers I successfully and evenly split my sponges (I’m glad he didn’t get a chance to say ‘I told you so!’.

Golden Coffee Cake

Due to a nut allergy I stuck to a nice strong coffee cake without the walnuts or chocolate, using Mary Berry’s recipe I created this deliciously light coffee cake. I tend to use a blend of stork and butter in my sponges as find it creates a lighter sponge. To create the gold effect I sprayed the whole cake with Dr Oetker gold shimmer spray, which was £3.99 at Morrison’s. I’m sure it will come in handy at Christmas too!

And just to prove I got the layers right…

Coffee Cake Layers

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