Easy Eating with Co-op – Chicken & Chorizo Bake

I was challenged by the Co-op to put together an easy eating recipe, showing that amazing food doesn’t have to be complicated…

I did a supermarket sweep at my local co-op in Cromer and picked up the ingredients for a quick bit tasty chicken based dinner. I haven’t specified quantities here – just use enough to feed your diners!

Ingredients for Chicken & Chorizo Bake

Chicken thighs, drumsticks or leg quarters – slash with a sharp knife to reduce cooking time
Chorizo – sliced into 2cm rings
Large potatoes – cut into wedges
Red onions – cut into wedges
Olive oil
Fresh rosemary
Salt and pepper



Literally throw everything into a roasting dish, drizzle with olive oil and mix with your hands to distribute. Season with salt and pepper and poke in a few rosemary branches. Bake around 180 C for about 45 minutes or until the chorizo is crisp and the chicken is well cooked through to the bone. Half way through cooking give everything a little mix up to make sure everything gets a chance to brown and crisp up.


Serve up so that each plate is evenly distributed with crispy skinned chicken, chorizo, caramelised onions and tasty potato wedges. What you’ll get for very little work and washing up, is a very tasty meal which is sure to satisfy even the most demanding diner.


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